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Fan of singers: Rain, Justin Bieber, BIGBANG; Actors: Jung Ji Hoon, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Jong Suk, Yoo Ah In; Interests: Mini games, otome games, anime, Japanese, Kdrama; Personalities:... nothing special :)

Death Note fanfic: “Best choice”



I’m not normal.
I’m a high school student, living in this country but always have my love towards anime. Then suddenly, last year, I found another selves in my own body. They are my most favorite anime characters: Yagami Raito and L! They’re Death Note’s productions but why did they appear now in my mind??
They happened to meet me in my dream, for the first time, speaking Vietnamese like the native…
L: Hey. Call me Ryuzaki, I would be glad.
Raito: I don’t know where am I now but I’m living in my world too, so this won’t affect my life, that’s good. Nice to meet you. Can I have your name?
L: So our minds are just bubbles eh? Which means I can talk freely, it’s gonna be good…
Me: Call me Law, please. (But I still feel unsaved to give my real name to Raito…, oh my, I think I’m gonna die in 40 secs)
Raito: What’s that expression on your face? I wouldn’t do such thing, I take care of devils, only.
L: As expected, Raito-kun, you’re Kira.
Raito: I know you always suspected me. But you don’t have strong enough evidence because Death Note is just something too far from us humans.
L: yea…
Me: You act like you don’t know you’re dead, Ryuzaki-san.
L: I’m dead?
Me: Don’t tell me you don’t know.
Raito: Excuse me but I thought you were clear about the fact that we’re just imaginations of yours, although you seem to know us deeply. By the time I get here, I was imprisoned by L, along with Misa being tortured.
L: It’s not “torture”, Raito-kun. It’s “investigate”. And I think I will keep you imprisoned for a longer time, and I apologize for imprisoning your father also. But still, haven’t got anything yet.
Raito: I expected that to happen though. And you don’t know what you’re about to face.
Me: Oh sure, I know what will happen next guys… But can I ask you a question?
Raito: Basically, yes, go ahead.
Me: Do you know who created you?
Raito: What a question is that, Law-san. And no one is created, they are born.
Burst out laughter. I didn’t expect that answer. Oh well, silly me.
Me: Sorry. Hmmmm, but i have to reveal the truth to you both. You all will die.
Surprised faces as expected.
L: you said you know, but how?
Me: Laptop, internet.
L: I wonder if this is future.
Me: Haha, it’s complicated to say.
And I woke up.


Otome Game review – English ~ My Teacher ~

Otome Game review – English ~ My Teacher ~

Kéo xuống cuối nếu không muốn bị spoil (mà không biết có ai vô thăm không hì hì). Nếu muốn xem ảnh nét hơn, Ctrl + chuột phải để mở tab mới chứa ảnh kích cỡ thực nhé! Nội dung: Bạn là một giáo viên (mầm non) khá nổi tiếng (chắc vậy), nên một ngày CEO của tập đoàn XYZ nào đó gọi bạn tới, nhờ bạn làm gia sư (trợ lý hoặc giám sát viên…), yêu cầu bạn chọn một trong 4 thằng con trai (cùng cha khác mẹ hết nhá), để nối nghiệp. Chọn một thôi! Nên không có chuyện anh này xông vào route của anh kia nhá. Mà chỉ có 3 ngày để cưa giúp họ thôi, không hiểu sao ông CEO này nghĩ gì. Người làm nghề trông trẻ mà làm mấy chuyện này hả trời!!?? Tuy nhiên – bạn đã đồng ý! Read the rest of this entry